Jun Senoue

Jun Senoue (瀬上 純 Senoue Jun?, born August 2, 1970 in Matsushima, Miyagi) is a Japanese video game composer, musician and sound director for SEGA. He is known for his various music/sound related contributions in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series starting from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. He is also the songwriter and lead guitarist for the band Crush 40.


Rise Again - EP
The Best Of Crush 40 - Super Sonic Songs
Crush 40
Thrill Of The Feel
Crush 40 - LIVE! (2012)
  1. Sonic Youth
  2. Free
  3. His World
  4. Sonic Heroes
  5. Open Your Heart
  6. Knight Of The Wind
  7. I Am... All Of Me
  8. With Me
  9. Never Turn Back
  10. Fire Woman
  11. Revvin' Up
  12. Watch Me Fly...
  13. Into The Wind
  14. Rise Again
  15. Sonic Boom
  16. All Hail Shadow
  17. Live & Learn
  18. One Of Those Days
  19. What I'm Made Of...
  • These live shows took place in March 2012, at the Guilty Live Stage in Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • Out of the 24 songs played, only 19 were selected for this CD, leaving Seven Rings In Hand, Song Of Hope, Un-Gravitify, Fight The Knight and a cover of Hardline's Everything omitted.
Crush 40 - Rise Again - EP (2012)
  1. [iTunes] Sonic Youth
  2. [iTunes] One Of Those Days
  3. [iTunes] Song Of Hope
  4. [iTunes] Rise Again
  • All songs are available as individual singles on iTunes. (Not available in all countries yet)
  • Song Of Hope is a charity song in support for the 2011 Japan tsunami tragedy.
  • An alternative version of this EP, with different artwork, case and record label, was made available to Summer Of Sonic 2012 attendees.
Crush 40 - The Best Of Crush 40 - Super Sonic Songs (2009) [iTunes]
  1. I Am... All Of Me
  2. His World
  3. Un-gravitify
  4. All Hail Shadow
  5. Never Turn Back
  6. Revvin' Up
  7. Into The Wind
  8. Watch Me Fly
  9. Fire Woman
  10. Sonic Heroes
  11. What I'm Made Of...
  12. Live Life
  13. Knight Of The Wind
  14. Live & Learn
  15. Open Your Heart
  16. Is It You
  17. Free (iTunes-exclusive)
  18. With Me -Massive Power Mix- (iTunes-exclusive)
  19. Seven Rings In Hand (iTunes-exclusive)
  • Is It You was the first non-videogame related song Crush 40 ever wrote.
  • Fire Woman, also unrelated to videogames, is a cover from the original by The Cult.
  • I Am... All Of Me, His World, Knight Of The Wind and Open Your Heart were newly mixed for this compilation album.
  • Un-gravitify was originally done by Cashell, All Hail Shadow by Magna-Fi, Free by Chris Madin (though written by Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli from Crush 40), With Me by All Ends, and Seven Rings In Hand was originally done by Steve Conte.
Crush 40 - Crush 40 (2003)
  1. Live And Learn
  2. Revvin' Up
  3. Into the Wind
  4. In The Lead
  5. Watch Me Fly...
  6. Fuel Me
  7. Dangerous Ground
  8. All The Way
  9. Open Your Heart
  10. It Doesn't Matter (bonus track)
  11. Escape From The City (bonus track)
  • This album is actually a European version of Thrill Of The Feel, Crush 40's first studio album under the name of Sons Of Angels, without the instrumental tracks.
  • It Doesn't Matter is sung by Tony Harnell and is not a Crush 40 song.
  • Escape From The City is sung by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell and is not a Crush 40 song either.
Sons Of Angels (Crush 40) - Thrill Of The Feel (2000)
  1. The Star-Spangled Banner
  2. Dangerous Ground
  3. Into the Wind
  4. Fill It Up (instrumental)
  5. Revvin' Up
  6. Rush Into The Crazy World (instrumental)
  7. In The Lead
  8. Watch Me Fly...
  9. On The Road Again (instrumental)
  10. Fuel Me
  11. When The Sun Goes Down (instrumental)
  12. All The Way
  13. Open Your Heart (bonus track)
  • This album contains all of the tracks that Crush 40 recorded for NASCAR Arcade.
  • Open Your Heart was originally written without the intention to use it for a videogame, but was eventually used as the title track for Sonic Adventure.